Tracking Your Orthodontic Treatment Progress with Skopek Remote

Hey guys, Dr. Scopek at Skopek Orthodontics and today we’re going to give you a little glimpse into what we do when we put you guys on Skopek Remote – our virtual monitoring system.. Most of our patients – especially our Invisalign patients, are on Scopek Remote. This is game-changing dental monitoring technology that enables

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Toothpaste: It’s something most people use every day, but rarely give much thought to — except, perhaps, when choosing from among the dozens of brands that line the drugstore shelf. Is there any difference between them? What’s toothpaste made of… and does it really do what it promises on the box? To answer those questions,

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Oral Piercings

At the present time, oral piercings such as tongue bolts, cheek studs, and lip rings seem to be in vogue among a certain number of young people. Whether you find these bodily adornments appealing or repulsive is a matter of personal taste — but whichever side of the fashion divide you’re on, there are a

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