Why the Invisalign or Braces Doctor You Choose Matters

Why the Invisalign or Braces Doctor You Choose Matters

Hey guys, Dr. Bob Scopek here at Skopek Orthodontics. Last year, I published a video on YouTube that our patients like to refer to as “the hammer video” where I compare a hammer to Invisalign, braces, and dental monitoring to illustrate how they are all tools and that how well they work depends on the doctor who is using them.

In appreciation of the beautiful summer we had this year, I’m going to compare it to a different tool today – a golf club. This is a tool that some people – pro golfers – can get out there on TV and they can hit a golf ball 300 yards onto a little spot the size of a welcome mat. Me, on the other hand, I get this club in my hands and I’m worried about breaking windows in the houses near the hole. That’s because I haven’t put in the time, effort, and study in to learn how to use it properly like the guys on TV and in the golf world. To get the best results with this club, the skill and experience of the golfer who uses it matters.

The same thing applies in the world of orthodontics. Here at Skopek Orthodontics, we have Invisalign, several types of braces options, Skopek Remote (which is our dental monitoring), and many other technologies that we use to give you a healthy, gorgeous smile and an amazing experience. But these are just tools and like that golf club, you’re going to get different results with those tools depending on the doctor who is using them. So the doctor you choose for your orthodontic treatment makes a huge difference in the success of that treatment.

We’ve put the time, effort, and study into understanding every aspect of these tools and how to use them to give you the best results possible from your orthodontic treatment. Every orthodontist is a dentist first – we all go to dental school. Then we go on to several years of specialty training in orthodontics where we learn the physics and biomechanics of how to move teeth. We learned about teeth and jaw growth and development. We also learn how to create the most beautiful smile that suits your unique facial structure as well as the healthiest, most functional bite, which increases the longevity of your teeth and will minimize future problems with your teeth.

Once we finish our residency, we all pick our tools. There are all kinds of great tools we can use for your orthodontic treatment. Braces are great and clear aligners are great. I’ve been an orthodontist for over 20 years and at this point, I consider myself a clear aligner orthodontist. Over 90% of our treatments are done with Invisalign clear aligners. In my opinion, I am able to get results with Invisalign that are as good or better than with braces. And by using tools like our Skopek Remote dental monitoring, we are able to eliminate approximately 75% of the appointments for people coming in. It makes your treatment so much easier and convenient for you and the results are better.

And yes, there are lots of orthodontists who have made the same effort, but there are also those who haven’t. It requires a completely different skill set to treat with braces compared to clear aligners. That’s why it is so important that you research your orthodontist and orthodontic treatment options well. Find an orthodontist who is well-trained and experienced in clear aligner orthodontics. Look for one who can provide you with an amazing patient experience with options like dental monitoring that can minimize the number of in-office appointments. It can make things much more convenient for your work and school schedules

There’s so much hype out there now about clear aligners and about Invisalign in particular, which I think is awesome because we’re seeing so many patients now that would never come to us for treatment otherwise because they didn’t want to put braces on their teeth. They’re coming to us for their orthodontic treatment, and the reason they’re coming to us for that is because of the Invisalign brand and because of our experience and expertise in treating with it.

So remember – when it comes to your Invisalign treatment, the doctor you choose matters. If you have questions about Invisalign treatment or would like to find out if Invisalign clear aligners are right for you, give us a call at (847) 277-1212 or request your complimentary consultation online. We offer virtual and in-office appointments for your convenience.

Dr. Skopek has been proudly serving the North Barrington community and surrounding areas – including Arlington HeightsBuffalo Grove, and Lake Zurich – for over 25 years. In addition to Invisalign for teens and adults, Dr. Skopek also offers several braces treatment options as well as teeth whitening and in-house retainers.