Barrington Orthodontist Dr. Robert Skopek

Barrington  Orthodontist Dr. Robert Skopek has over 25 years of experience providing Invisalign®, Braces and Retainer & Whitening services to members of Barrington.

Invisalign® for Adults!
It’s never too late to achieve a beautiful smile that you deserved with Invisalign® treatment for adults.
Dr. Skopek has been providing Barrington patients with superior Invisalign solutions for 25 years!

Invisalign® for Teens!
Barrington IL teens get back that confidence with that great smile using Dr. Skopeks custom Invisalign® program for teens.
Twenty Five years of experience has allowed Dr. Skopek to perfect treatments like Invisalign for both Teens and Adults in Barrington!


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Arlington Heights Orthodontist Dr. Robert Skopek

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