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The Doctor you Choose Matters. Invisalign, Braces and any other orthodontic treatment are only as good as the Orthodontist performing them. The orthodontic treatment is the baseball bat, the musical instrument, etc. The orthodontist is the person swinging the bat, playing the instrument, etc. Click on the video to learn more! ​
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Why Choose Dr. Skopek for Your Invisalign®?

Get the smile you deserve at the convenience of your schedule, with the Dr. Skopek Invisalign® Experience.

Dr. Skopek of Skopek Orthodontics Itero scanner services

Dr. Skopek is a trained expert on how to best use Invisalign's SmartTrack® technology.

Dr. Skopek was the first Orthodontist in North Barrington, and one of the first in all of Chicago, to begin perfecting the clear aligner process. He was even recognized in the newspaper for it. Dr. Skopek has effectively treated thousands of cases and is recognized by Invisalign as the top Invisalign Provider in North Barrington and surrounding areas. ​This ensures you and/or your child receive impeccable clinical results at the convenience of your schedule.