How To Get The Most Value Out Of Your Invisalign Treatment

Hey guys, Dr. Skopek here at Skopek Orthodontics and welcome back to our next video on getting the most value from your Invisalign treatment. These days it seems like everyone – from mail-order companies to dentists and orthodontists – is doing Invisalign treatments. The problem with that for you is that with so many people offering Invisalign treatments, you really have no idea most of the time what level of training or expertise the doctor has. Is that doctor an orthodontist, and if they are an orthodontist, have they gone on to train themselves in clear aligner orthodontics or Invisalign orthodontics? You also don’t always know if what they’re offering is the Invisalign brand clear aligner. There are a lot of clear aligners on the market now and they’re not all Invisalign brands.

If you’re considering clear aligner treatment, you might be asking yourself, “Does it really matter whether the person overseeing my treatment is an orthodontist or a dentist?” The answer to that is YES – it absolutely does matter. The better trained your doctor is, the better orthodontic diagnosis and treatment plan they can prescribe for you, which makes your treatment healthier, quicker and more efficient, and you get better results..

The type of clear aligner you choose is important as well. By choosing Invisalign clear aligners, which in my opinion, are the most powerful and leading brand of clear aligners on the market, we can provide treatment to you that saves you time, delivers great results, and ultimately saves you costs as well.

So as you do your research about Invisalign treatment, be sure to:

  • Look at the doctor or dentist who will be providing your treatment. Look at their experience and reviews from former and current patients. We have been providing Invisalign treatment to our patients for over 20 years and are proud to have been recognized by Invisalign as a Top 1% Diamond Provider. Check if your doctor has that level of experience and that level of expertise.
  • Verify the brand of clear aligners they will be using in your treatment. Is it Invisalign or another brand? Don’t be afraid to do your own research to make sure they’re using clear aligners that will provide you with the best quality and the healthiest, most aesthetic, and most efficient treatment – all of those things ultimately reduce the cost to you.

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