Metal braces and lingual braces services from Skopek Orthodontics

Which Braces Type Is Right for You?

Orthodontic problems stem from many sources—heredity, trauma, and even thumb sucking can affect how someone’s teeth come together and how balanced and their straight jaw alignment is. If you are one of the millions of Americans who are unsatisfied with their tooth alignment, you should consider braces in order to have a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing smile! At Skopek Orthodontics of North Barrington, Dr. Robert Skopek crafts custom orthodontic treatment plans, and he can show you which braces are best for your situation.

The advantages of orthodontia

Braces from Skopek Orthodontics of North Barrington improve how your smile looks as well as balance your facial appearance from the front and the side. Many people who have orthodontic problems (e.g. teeth that are gapped, crowded, rotated, or missing) often also have issues with jaw structure: a chin may be receding, a top jaw bone too far forward, or a lower jaw displaced to one side.

These structural problems cause teeth to wear unevenly and contribute to decay, gum disease, jaw joint dysfunction, ear pain, and more. Accordingly, Dr. Skopek emphasizes not only the cosmetic aspects of orthodontic correction but also the health aspects. Both are important now and in the patient’s future, for correct smile alignment definitely impacts dental longevity.

Types of appliances

Metal brackets and archwires remain the most common orthodontic appliances because of their versatility and ability to correct the most complex of issues. Ceramic braces are popular because of their less obvious appearance, while lingual braces are prized because they are completely hidden from view, a feat achievable through the brackets being cemented on the inner faces of the teeth.

Finally, Dr. Skopek offers ultra-thin Invisalign aligners. Customized according to three-dimensional scans, these removable appliances correct a range of mild-to-moderate issues such as overbite, tooth tipping, overjet, crowding, gaps, and more. Smooth and removable, Invisalign appliances are easy to maintain and comfortably move teeth in less time than metal braces.

Time for a new smile

At Skopek Orthodontics of North Barrington, Dr. Robert Skopek helps patients of all ages find the braces right for their smiles. Trust his skill, reputation, and caring attitude for you and your family. Call today to learn more about braces! We can be reached at (847) 277-1212.