Common Orthodontic Emergencies

While orthodontic emergencies are generally not fatal but it is recommended to seek treatment with a professional orthodontist at Skopek Orthodontics in North Barrington, IL. Dr. Robert Skopek provides necessary care for emergencies that may range from minor discomforts to severe conditions, which should be treated as soon as possible.

More About Orthodontic Emergencies

There are three types of orthodontic emergencies you should be aware of.

The most urgent cases of orthodontic emergencies involve fractures, damage, or trauma to the oral cavity, teeth, jaw,s or other facial bones. Any serious type of swelling, infection, or moderate to severe pain resulting from such a severe case, should result in seeing an orthodontist right away. The time it takes to come into an office may determine whether or not a tooth is eventually saved or needs replacement entirely, so visit your North Barrington orthodontist for immediate care.

More common and distressing conditions may also need your orthodontist’s attention. These dental emergencies involve braces breaking or any other dental apparatus. This emergency may result in discomfort, soreness, or bleeding. Archwires may come out of place, archwires may break or poke soft tissue causing irritation, or the metal brackets may entirely snap off the teeth. In these cases, it’s best to schedule an appointment within two weeks to have braces repaired or replaced.

Not every orthodontic emergency requires a visit. Some remedies may be discussed over the phone with your doctor. An orthodontist may advise temporarily solutions, like pushing brackets back into place. In cases of mild toothaches or loose teeth, a specialist may provide solutions such as warm saltwater rinses or using over-the-counter pain medication.

Need a consultation?

There’s a wide variety of orthodontic emergencies that range from minor discomfort to serious injuries. In any of these circumstances, there should be no hesitation to call Dr. Robert Skopek at Skopek Orthodontics in North Barrington, IL, by calling (847) 277-1212 today!